Hurricane Emergency Response

In addition to destruction and financial devastation, hurricanes can present communities with significant health, safety and environmental risks, often in the form of hazardous spills and leaks. To reduce the risks of injury, environmental harm or regulatory penalties, a successful hurricane response requires extensive expertise and knowledge of hazardous materials and waste management, including applicable procedures and regulations.

Often, response is needed for fuel spills, chemical spills, DOT hazardous materials spills and EPA hazardous waste spills, as well as critical tasks such as identification of unknown substances, spill containment, proper waste handling and clean-up. The Clean Earth team has responded to thousands of environmental emergency calls, providing disaster recovery assistance after hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and other natural disasters.


  • Transportation & Disposal
  • Chemical & Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Facility Clean-out and Decontamination Services
  • Bulk Water Disposal
  • Sludge Disposal
  • Site Restoration
  • Contaminated Product Disposal

Hurricane Preparedness

Learn more about how to safely prepare for natural disasters by reading our tips here.

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