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Hazardous waste must be packaged and transported in accordance with strict procedures and guidelines, while disposal must be coordinated and managed in properly permitted Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities (TSDF). Stericycle Environmental Solutions’ combination of specialized personnel, processes, and equipment is designed to safely transport and dispose of virtually any waste type, in any quantity.

Highly trained technicians and a fleet of over 500 specially-equipped vehicles provide customers with safe, compliant and cost-effective waste transportation. A total of thirteen RCRA Part B permitted Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities and over thirty permitted 10-day transfer stations deliver the most appropriate hazardous waste disposal method for any given client, while meeting all regulatory and sustainability goals.

Stericycle’s extensive infrastructure ensures that waste from any location is properly documented, segregated, recycled and destroyed. Highly trained technicians and regularly audited vendor partners from Hawaii to Puerto Rico ensure safe, compliant, and efficient waste shipping and disposal. This systematic framework ensures that every customer’s waste is properly managed, regardless of its source.


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